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Resume on WHO Polio regional meeting @ Beirut 26 and 27 January 2015

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Resume on WHO Polio regional meeting @ Beirut 26 and 27 January 2015

written by Michel P. Jazzar Rotary International Representative to the meeting.

Excerpt from the polio report sent to TRF


75 experts in health, management, communication coming from 8 countries of the ME countries (namely Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, and Turkey) along with the GPEI [Rotary, UNICEF, WHO, CDC, BMGF] on international, regional and ground scales’ representatives have shared a regional WHO regional meeting as an opportunity for these countries to review the Polio immunization phase II [July-Dec 2014] and to formulate plans for the Phase III [Jan-June 2015] of the response. The objectives of the meeting were:

1.      Review the achievements and remaining challenges of Phase II

2.      Formulate the way forward for Phase III of response

3.      Develop country plan of the Phase III activities


Impact of the Phase I & II response

56 vaccination campaigns in the sub-region targeting 27.7 million children

Over 142 million doses of OPV used since October 2013

No detection of WPV1 in 6 of 8 countries [Syria and Iraq]

No WPV1 cases since April 2014 & no WPV1 from the environment since March 2014

Geographical priorities for Phase III

      Highest Risk Zone – Syria & Iraq (last WPV1 cases; complex security situation)

      High Risk Zone – vulnerable populations in Lebanon, Jordan & Turkey

      Risk Reduction Zone – Egypt, Iran, Palestine & general populations in Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey

Budget estimated: January-June 2015 [without errors and omissions]


27.000.000 USD - Turkish government will cover the NIDs expenses

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