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  • Rotary's Representative Network

    Rotary International appoints representatives each year to increase awareness and recognition of Rotary's programs, policies, and activities within the international community. Representatives meet regularly with officers and staff from international organizations to:

    • Discuss parallel concerns and potential areas for cooperation.
    • Inform organizations about Rotary programs.
    • Gather information about organizational developments and opportunities for local-level cooperation. 

    RI website --> http://www.rotary.org/aboutrotary/other_orgs/network.html 

    Rotary International appoints representatives to: for more --> Rotary_Representative_Network.doc 
  • Rotary clubs are first responders in Lebanon crisis

    The relief team organized by the Rotary Club of Limassol-Berengaria Cosmopolitan, Cyprus, was expecting no more than one boatload of 500 evacuees from the fighting in Lebanon on 19 July. For more ---> Rotary_clubs_are_first_responders_in_Lebanon_crisis.doc

  • This is Rotary

    What is Rotary doing?

    1- Rotary promotes peace and international understanding through its educational and humanitarian programs.
    2- Membership in Rotary allows people from all cultures and nationalities to establish lifelong friendships that transcend political boundaries and tensions.
    3- Rotary clubs initiate thousands of humanitaraian projects every year -- each child we teach to read, every adult we  help learn a trade, and every community playground we build is another step toward bringing the world together.
    4- By addressing the underlying problems that create instability and trigger conflicts - hunger, povery, poor health and illiteracy - Rotary helps promote peace.