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RI Representative to UN-ESCWA

  • Rotary: Le Sens de l'Autre

    "Rotary: Le Sens de l'Autre".

    Vidéo publiée le 16 février 2015 pleins de messages. Excellent moyen de communication de l'image de notre organisation. Je salue cette initiative. 

    Rotary: Sens de l'Autre

  • The RY 2018-2019 within a great RI District 2452

    DG 2018-2019 Michel Jazzar at the

    Closing ceremony 27 April 2018

    at the 5th RI District 2452 Conference in in Paphos - Cyprus: 

    DGE 2018 2019 Michel JAZZAR remarks_ud 30APRIL18updated Dave.pdf



  • RI District 2452 - 2018_2019

    D2452-RY 2018-19-MLR.png

    D2452-RY 2018-19-MLR.png

    Le magazine "Le Rotarien" a décidé, cette année, d’éditer le supplément des gouverneurs 2018-2019 Français, francophones et francophiles qui entrent en fonction en juillet 2018, dans un support numérique. Voici la page du District 2452. Le Rotarien Magazine

    The magazine "Le Rotarien" decided, this year, to publish the supplement of French, Francophone and Francophile governors 2018-2019 who take office in July 2018, in a digital medium. This is the District 2452 page.




  • Rotaract Global Model of United Nations - RGMUN, Beirut Lebanon

    RAC MUN.jpg


                                                                     rotary, rotaract, MUN, beirut, Lebanon D.2452

    This International event took place in Beirut, Lebanon 17 - 20 August 2017.

    Rotaract Global MUN 2017, has announced Michel P. Jazzar as Speaker for the Conference’s opening Ceremony

    Michel P. Jazzar, Rotary International Representative to the United Nations-ESCWA

    District 2452 Governor Elect 2018-2019



    -RI Representatives to United Nations and International Organizations:


    -Keynote speaker 17 August 2017:

    Lecture: Michel Jazzar message to RGMUN 2017_final.pdf

    and ppt : Youth is the agent of change_DGE Michel Jazzar.pptx

    pics: RACMUN2.jpg - RACMUN1.jpg


    Twitter posts: Rotaract Clubs Model of United Nations - Beirut Lebanon August 17, 2017


  • “Youth is our Future” : District 2452 Theme 2018-2019

    All clubs in District 2452 are invited to include the following highlights into their 2018-2019 program. [Starting 1st July 2018]

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  • “Civic Education Peacebuilding”: District 2452 Area of Focus_DAOF

    "Civic Education and Peacebuilding“ will be the instrumental District 2452 Area of Focus_DAOF.

    It is a customized AOF for our District 2452 merging two AOF of the Rotary Foundation "Education" and "Peace". 

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  • 2018

    Merry Christmas-new year 2018.png

    We wish you a Happy New Year 2018

    Nous vous souhaitons une Bonne Année 2018

  • Youth is the agent for change.



    "Youth is the agent for change" title of my intervention as RI representative to UN-ESCWA at RGMUN 5th edition, Beirut @Issam Fares Institute-IFI _AUB_Lebanon. Thursday 17 August 2017 @6:30pm.

    pdf version: Michel Jazzar message to RGMUN 2017_final.pdf

    ppt version: http://www.authorstream.com/Presentation/jazzar-3216820-youth-agent-change/





  • Civic Education and Peacebuilding: RI D.2452 Area of Focus for RY 2018-2019

    Introduction to my vision as District 2452 Governor for RY 2018-2019.
    Rotary has grown in ways we could not have imagined since its formation year 1905 and during turbulent political, economical and social times around the world - the impact of Rotarians, people of Action along with our organization's mission and strategy is more important than ever.
    Currently, over 264 million children around the world lack access to a quality civic education. This is a major contributor to the cycle of extreme poverty and lack for positive peace, the social peace. 
    During RY 2018-2019 "Civic Education and Peacebuilding" is the District 2452 instrumental Area of Focus. It is a customized AOF for our District merging two AOF of the Rotary Foundation "Education" and "Peace". 
    The main goal of the District AOF is to train teachers with the Rotary Core of Values -Leadership, Diversity, Service, Fellowship and Integrity- in pilot schools chosen by a group of Clubs in each of the nine countries of D. 2452. Thus this District project is also Clubs' teamwork.
    Financing these projects goes through Global and District Grants.
    We need the commitment and engagement with passion of Rotary Clubs in District 2452 and the support of Clubs and Districts around the world to help fund Global Grants Partnership for Civic Education’s replenishment — and it was clear from meetings and gatherings that some countries are eager to support in that direction. 
    • We will be announcing more information in November 2017 just after the Brainstorming Retreat #2. PLEASE READ ABOVE POST ON 30 DECEMBER 2017
    • Michel P. JAZZAR
    • DG 2018-2019

  • Team Leader for a workshop "UN SDGs" - 18 July 2017 - Evanston, IL. USA

    UN, SDG, Rotary, jazzar, ESCWA


    Rotary International Representatives to UN and IO Biannual meeting

    I am invited to lead a small group discussion on " the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals" during a workshop from 10:45-11:45 am on Tuesday, 18 July 2017 entitled "Hot Topics and Thought Leadership in

    The session will start with :

    -a brief overview of "Thought Leadership" by the facilitator.
    -From there, Representatives t UN and IO, will break into small groups to discuss the best ways to approach the subject from a Rotary perspective.

    -Then as discussion leader, I am asked:
    1- that I become familiar with the topic and
    2- be ready to discuss how I have addressed the subject at my organization and within the Rotary world.

    Photos: will be posted by 25th of July 2017

  • UN Sustainable Development Goals - 18th of July 2018 - Evanston, IL.

    UN, SDG,Rotary, Jazzar

    UN, Jazzar, Rotary, ESCWA, SDG





    I am invited to lead a small group discussion on " the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals" during a workshop from 10:45-11:45 am on Tuesday, 18 July 2017 entitled "Hot Topics and Thought Leadership in
    The hour long session will address some of the main issues on the international agenda including:

    1 UN Sustainable Development Goals
    2 Environment and Climate Change
    3 Responsible Business and Inclusive Economic Development
    4 Migration and Refugees
    5 Women and Girls

    -The session will start with a brief overview of "Thought Leadership" by the facilitator .
    -From there Representatives will break into small groups to discuss the best ways to approach the subject from a Rotary perspective.
    =As discussion leader, I am asked:
    1- that I become familiar with the topic and
    2- be ready to discuss how I have addressed the subject at my organization and within the Rotary world.

    -Invitation. Ed invitation to Jazzar.pdf

    -PowerPoint and transcript will be uploaded 21 July 2017.

  • Séjour au pays des "Jardiniers de la Paix": Bretagne du 28 Juin au 3 Juillet 2017

    1- Intervention au RC de Rhuys Vilaine, le 28 Juin 2017: "Conjuguer le verbe Servir au futur": [Introduction appropriée à la cérémonie de transmission des pouvoirs].

    Intervention RC Rhuys-Vilaine_final.docx

    Intervention RC Rhuys-Vilaine_final.pdf

    Cover_Intervention au Rotary Club de Rhuys-vilaine.docx

    PowerPoint:Rhuys Vilaine_Conjuguer le verbe servir au futur_micheljazzar-28juin17.pptx

    Photos: seront postées ultérieurement

    2- Intervention au RC de Rennes Brocéliande, le 29 Juin 2017: "Conjuguer le verbe Servir au futur":[Introduction appropriée à la réunion conjointe des 6 Clubs Rotary rennais et du Club Rotaract ].

    Intervention aux RC Rennes-final.docx

    Intervention aux RC Rennes-final.pdf

    Cover_Intervention au Rotary Club de Rennes Brocéliande.docx

    PowerPoint:Rennes_Conjuguer le verbe servir au futur_micheljazzar-29juin17.pptx

    Photos: seront postées ultérieurement

    3- Conférence du District 1650, Dinard 1er Juillet 2017: "JE suis acteur de la paix"

    Conference du District 1650_micheljazzar-final.docx

    Conference du District 1650_micheljazzar-final.pdf

    Cover Dinard.docx

    PowerPoint: JE suis acteur de LA Paix_Michel Jazzar-ud27JUIN17.pptx

    Photos: seront postées ultérieurement

    4- Invitation du GD Hervé Hacard et son épouse Annick à la Conférence du D.2452 à Beyrouth [Liban] du 1er au 4 Mai 2019.

    invitation de pdg herve hacard et annick.pdf

    Lettre d'invitation: invitation-2.jpg







    Photos: seront postées ultérieurement

  • District 2452: Dubai - UAE - as RI Convention site 2023 - 2024 or 2025

    On 8 June, 2017 the RI Board of Directors selected Dubai (UAE D.2452) as a FINALIST for consideration to host the RI Convention in 2023, 2024, or 2025.
    The Board will select the host cities for 2023, 2024 and 2025 at its meeting of september 2017.
    Rotary in the Arab world needs such recognition and support.

  • Polio eradication moments

    Polio eradication moments:

    On the German Rotary Facebook site: https://www.facebook.com/RotaryDeutschland/photos/rpp.282826906566/10154270276166567/?type=3&theater

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  • ESCWA publications


    English: https://www.unescwa.org/publications/publications-list

    Arabic: https://www.unescwa.org/ar/publications/publications-list 


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  • Rotary-Day at United Nations: The move from USA to Switzerland - Geneva 11 November 2017.

    United nations, rotary, jazzar, geneva, 2017

    Announcement by Ed FUTA Dean of the Rotary International Representatives to United Nations : [2 February 2017].

    Following-up on Rotary’s recent International Assembly, I would like to alert you that our Rotary International President Elect 2017-2018 Ian Riseley, has confirmed a move of our traditional Rotary Day at the United Nations from New York to Geneva.  Scheduled for 11 November 2017, the move will benefit our organization in the following strategic ways:

    • Support and Strengthen Clubs

          Enable Rotary members in a new geographic region to explore Rotary’s historic relationship and ongoing collaboration with the United Nations.

          With the event conducted in several languages, inspire clubs to explore diverse cultures and exchange ideas across regional and national boundaries.

    • Focus and Increase Humanitarian Service

          As Geneva hosts the offices of UNHCR and other organizations, such as the World Economic Forum, invite experts to speak on the refugee crisis, technology and humanitarian aid, or other current topics – and inspire participants to make a difference at local, regional and global levels.

          Enable Rotarians to network and collaborate with UN, NGO and other Geneva-based experts speaking, sponsoring, or exhibiting at the event.   

    • Enhance Public Image and Awareness

          Rotary could expand its external outreach to the more than 50 international organizations based in Geneva – including UNHCR, WHO, UN agencies, the ICRC, CARE and the World Economic Forum.    

          Rotary Day at the United Nations would be held in the city known as the worldwide center for diplomacy and peace and the 11 November 2017 date would culminate the City of Geneva’s annual "Peace week" http://www.genevapeaceweek.ch/about [e.g. event 2016- Swiss Rotary Clubs are partners in the event.]

    Comment received:

    Following the New York model three workshops are planned: 

    1. Sustainable development and Peace
    2. Humanitarian actions and Peace
    3. Youth and Peace

    The Governors of the three  RI Districts (1990, 1780, 1710) are involved in the preparation. 

  • Rotary International theme 2017-2018 - Arabic

    arabic logo-01.jpg

    1-Logo 2017-2018_ Arabic

    small logo-01.jpg

    small logo-01.png

    small logo.pdf 

    Logo in High Resolution is sent on demand 


    2-Logo 2017-2018 and Rotary wheel_Arabic

    arabic logo-01.jpg 

    arabic logo-01.png

    arabic logo.pdf 

    Logo in High Resolution is sent on demand

  • Michel Paul Jazzar, nouveau gouverneur du district 2452

    Michel Paul Jazzar, dentiste et membre du Rotary de Kesrouan, a été nommé gouverneur du district 2 452 du club Rotary (Liban, Jordanie, Palestine, Émirats arabes unis) et (Soudan, Arménie, Georgie, Bahrain et Chypre).
    M. Jazzar a présenté son plan d'action pour les trois prochaines années, dans une allocution prononcée lors d'un dîner tenu en marge de la « Conférence de lutte contre la poliomyélite ».

    L'action du nouveau gouverneur serait principalement axée sur les jeunes, dans la mesure où l'avenir est entre leurs mains. M. Jazzar entend ainsi œuvrer en favorisant la paix sociale, ainsi que pour le développement social à travers des partenariats avec le club Rotary et plusieurs municipalités.
    Il entend lancer aussi, à l'occasion des 90 ans des Rotary dans le monde arabe, un programme d'échange pour les jeunes, et ce pour améliorer les rapports culturels entre les jeunes du monde arabe.

    OLJ 14/11/2016


    Twitter: https://twitter.com/jazzar  

  • "لبناني محافظاً للروتاري في المنطقة 2452 جزّار: "مجتمعنـا يحتاج للسـلام الايجابـي

    jazzar, governor, rotary, lebanon


    المركزية- سمّى الروتاريون في المنطقة 2452 المترامية الأطراف ما بين افريقيا (السودان) واوروبا (قبرص، ارمينيا وجورجيا) وآسيا/الشرق الأوسط (لبنان، فلسطين، الأردن، البحرين والإمارات العربية المتحدة)، ميشال بول جزّار، محافظاً للمنطقة وهو أخصائي في طب وزراعة الأسنان وعضو في نادي روتاري كسروان وممثل لمنظمة الروتاري الدولي في الأسكوا.

    وفي حفل تكريمي للفريق المنظم لمؤتمر "القضاء على شلل الأطفال" في المنطقة العربية، حضره حوالي 300 شخص ومحافظون سابقون من لبنان ومصر وفرنسا، عرض المحافظ جزّار رؤيته للعام 2018-2019.

    وأشار الى أن "شعارنا سيكون: "الشباب هو مستقبلنا"، لأن الشباب هم روح الارض وحياتها، وبهـم الامل ومعهم المستقبل". ثم تطرق الى المجالات التي تتمحور حولها المشاريع التي سيتم تنفيذها وهي:

    التربية الأساسية لسلام اجتماعي: عاشت منطقتنا منذ العصور القديمة انواعاً من الحروب ارتدت طابعاً دينياً، سياسياً، اقتصاديا وجغرافياً. وبما ان الحروب تتخطى قدرة الروتاري على انهاء اسبابها، رغم جهود المؤسسة الروتارية من نشر مفهوم السلام العالمي، من خلال برامج متعددة منها المنح الجامعية للتخصص في حل النزاعات، الا اني اجد في "السلام الايجابي"، الذي يقوم على السلام الاجتماعي، ما يحتاج اليه مجتمعنا في هذه الحقبة الزمنية".

    التنمية والتطور الاجتماعي والاقتصادي: يرتكز هذا المجال على السلام الاجتماعي الذي سنتناوله عملياً بمشاريع من خلال مساعدة البلديات والمنظمات التي تهتم بالشباب والمرأة من ضمن الإمكانات المادية لصندوق المنطقة وقدرات شركائنا.

    وأضاف: "في عام 2019 تكون مرّت تسعون سنة على بدء انتشار اندية الروتاري في العالم العربي. ومن اجل مزيد من التقارب بين الشباب في الدول العربية المنتسبة الى الروتاري الدولي، سيطلق برنامج "تبادل الشباب". 

    وأعلن جزّار ان "مؤتمر المنطقة 2452 السادس سينعقد في بيروت بين الاول والرابع من ايار 2019. واخترت لرئاسة الفريق المنظم

    .لزميل جو كنعان المعروف بتفانيه في خدمة ناديه والمجتمع من خلال ايمانه بضرورة التنمية المستدامة.

    Al mostakbal.pdf


  • "When I gave to Rotaract I got so much more back"

    infographic RAC KE.jpg

    Presentation at Rotaract Club of Kesrouan, Monday 21 November 2016 – 8:00pm – ATCL - Restaurant "L'Amiral”.

    "When I gave to Rotaract I got so much more back".

    Interactive Presentation on past, present and future of Rotaract .


  • Polio statement on behalf the Rotary International

    I am So proud to deliver to the world a Polio statement on behalf the Rotary International .

    GPEI MENA Partners Video by UNICEF, October 2015: Video recorded by Fouad Choufany, Lebanon- 

    => direct link to download the video: [14MB]


  • Rotary and Positive Peace: The Area of "Economic and Community Development".

    rotary, jazzar, area, focus,

    Rotary : Economic and Community Development :

    • Can we speak frankly?
    • Are we aware of our community priorities?
    • Have we any idea how we are moving so far?
    • Violence, non tolerance, unrest, civil wars, unemployment, refugees, poverty are increasing everywhere from Middle East to USA, and Europe to Australia!
    • So what are our priorities?
    • What are the Areas of Focus they respond directly to the current situation?
    • What could be the Call to Action?


    CV-Resume: Michel Jazzar-mini CV.docx

    Transcript: Transcript_Economic and Community Development.docx

    Pic: IMG-20161011-WA0012.jpg


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