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  • Rotary-UN Day at N.Y & Meetings with international organisations' officers

    Rotary-UN Day was on 4 November 2006

    By  Vukoni Lupa-Lasaga - Rotary International News - 21 August 2006.

    Rotary International's representatives to the United Nations in New York have announced 4 November as the date for the 2006 Rotary-UN Day. for more  ---> http://www.rotary.org/newsroom/announcements/060821_unday.html

    Materials for download: --> http://www.rotary.org/aboutrotary/other_orgs/rotaryun.html

    Courtesy RI Representative to United Nations Dedicated PDG Bradley Jerkins: [The session like if you were]:

    The Rotary and UN Day 2006 Program:--> Program_2006.doc

    Bios of all Lecturers: --> Bios_Presenters.doc

    Report: --> Rotary_UN_Day.doc


    RI President Meets with World Bank Managing Director

    Washington, DC, USA - September 27, 2006

    RI President Bill Boyd met today with Managing Director of the World Bank, Graeme Wheeler, to discuss partnership opportunities.  President Boyd described how The Rotary Foundation and Rotary Clubs work together to accomplish humanitarian projects throughout the world.  Mr. Wheeler was impressed with Rotary’s commitment to eradicating polio worldwide and the very significant resources that have been expended to date.  Mr. Wheeler laid out the structure of the World Bank’s regions and networks focusing on human and sustainable development.  He showed how the bank’s 10,500 employees work through in-country directors and managers to administer programs in 170 countries.  It would be advantageous for Rotarians and Rotary Clubs to know more about the programs of the World Bank and how they may submit proposals for funding community projects.  Accompanying President Boyd were RI General Secretary Edwin H. Futa, RI Representative to the World Bank Robert W. Nelson, Past District Governor Robert Grill and Washington Rotary Club Member Peter Kyle who works for the World Bank and coordinated meeting arrangements.


  • E-CARAVAN: ESCWA Pilot Project for South Lebanon

    The E-Caravan, a mobile computer and internet school, aimed to empower the local communities in the formerly occupied areas of South Lebanon (before 2000) through teaching computer and IT skills, especially for youth, women and persons with disability. [...] For more ---> [195 Kbs -word format] DOC_E-CAR_061117_Final.2.Doc

  • Arabic Documents

    Rotary and UN ---> Rotary_and_UN_-_Ar.doc

  • The UNESCWA Community Development Programme


    The UNESCWA Community Development Programme for Lebanon: 

    for more ---> The_ESCWA_Community_Development_Programme_Summary_.doc



    Revolving Loan Funds:

    The challenge for Rotarians is to identify ways to assist those in needs and at the same time help people help themselves. Rotarians have a unique opportunity to make a difference in the war against poverty, not with charity, but through a business enterprise, through revolving loan funds.

    A Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) provides small loans to people who want to start or improve businesses but who have no credit history or access to commercial bank loans. Borrowers tend to be producers of goods and services, many of whom are women. RLFs provide the initial loans for business start-up and expansion. The ultimate goal is for these entrepreneurs to become financially independent and eligible for loans from commercial banks. Payments are generally returned directly to the fund and used to make new loans — hence, the term revolving loan fund.

    The lending system Rotary calls RLF has different names in different places: village banking, microenterprise and microcredit. The terms are interchangeable with RLF. No matter what they are called, these special loans allow people the opportunity to free themselves from the oppressive grip of poverty... for more --> http://www.rotary.org/foundation/grants/special.html

    Grant funds may be used for revolving loan capital for up to US$10,000 per credit group. One grant may support multiple credit groups. The maximum award is $150,000. A grant funded with District Designated Funds (DDF) contributions matched at 100 percent could have a total budget of $300,000. A grant funded with cash contributions matched at 50 percent could have a total budget of $450,000.

  • Awareness Seminar - Lebanon - D. 2450

    Awareness Seminar - Lebanon - District 2450 - Holiday Inn Dunes – Saturday November 11, 2006

    69 Attendees: Came from 21 clubs in Lebanon [DGN 2007-2008 Farid Gebran, PDG  Ignace Mouawad and District Conference 2008 Officers] , as well as Rotarians from Egypt [DG 2006-2007 Hassan Abbas Helmy, PDG Mohammed Delaware as District trainer, District Conference 2007 Officers,] and Cyprus [PDG Doros Jeropoulos RRFC Zone 10 North]

    Program: Awareness_Seminar_Lebanon.doc 

    Subject by Michel P. Jazzar: "Rotary and International Organizations: Role of the RI representative to UN-ESCWA". 

    The lecture was given during the Awareness Seminar held in Beirut [Lebanon ] with the participation of the DG 2006-2007 Hassan Abbas Helmy and Rotarians coming from Lebanon, Egypt and Cyprus ..

    Presentation [without photos, chart, logos & countries map] for more --> RI_International_Orgs-awareness_seminar_lebanon-_11_november_-_2006-print-web.4.ppt   [210 Kbs]