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  • Rotary International -The Rotary Foundation Report 2013-2014

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    Sometime, you do a simple gesture during polio vaccination and/or you write your polio story and they are spread worldwide in the official RI -TRF annual report. Simply amazing!

    I am inviting you to read the Rotary International -The Rotary Foundation Report 2013-2014 [187En14]. 187en14.pdf

    What is amazing, on a personal scale, is just the page 7 and the quote. Being an example and/or a reference is just like a motivation to me and others to keep serving our communities and to be citizens of the world as Humanity is one.. 



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    Sunday 11 January 2015:

    Remember Lebanon 1966->1980->2005 .

    Remember these brave Lebanese journalists who fell for their country’s freedom. Kamel Mroueh, Nassib Metni, Salim Lawzi, Riyad Taha, Souheil Tawileh, Hussein Mroueh, Samir Kassir, Gebran Tuéni and many others wrote Lebanon’s history with their blood.