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  • Rotary International UN Day – November 5th, 2011




    You are cordially invited to attend Rotary Day at the United Nations on Saturday,
    5 November 2011, 8:00am Registration, 9:30am program begins, till 4:00pm.

    For more--> Rotary International UN Day.docx

    The Program--> Program 2011.pdf



  • RI Representative and UN-ESCWA ES Deputy meeting


    A meeting was held at UN House, ESCWA location at Downtown of Beirut, on the 25th of October 2011.

    The meeting was attended by RI Representative to UN-ESCWA Michel P. Jazzar, UN Consultant Rotarian AbdelMawla Solh and the UN-ESCWA Executive Secretary Deputy Dr Nadim Khouri.

    The discussion has raised crucial goals on a possible partnership between the Rotary Clubs of Lebanon and UN-ESCWA Unis operating in Lebanon.

    such as:

    -Appoint, by mutual agreement, suitable persons for further meetings and contacts.

    -Strategic plan Committee for a partnership UNESCWA- 24 Rotary Clubs of Lebanon.

    -Seek for common areas of service [8 UN-MDGs and 6 TRF-AoF]

    -MoU, Memorandum of Understanding between UN-ESCWA and the 24 Clubs of Lebanon*.

    -Informal session: “Rotary Lebanon and UN-ESCWA” bi-annual day.

    -Design common projects for local communities

    -Seek at UN-ESCWA for suitable candidate/s –fellow/s in the field of peace and conflict resolution studies: professional development certificate [3 months] at Rotary Peace Center -RPC - Chulalongkorn University – Thailand [5 years of experience in the field], or master degree [2 years] at 7 other Universities [3 years of experience in the field].

    Scholarships may involve consideration of issues as diverse as population and the environment, technology and science, world politics and economics, religious and cultural traditions, educational opportunities, health, hunger and poverty.

    [Potential future leaders of government, business, education, media and other professions.]

    -Invite UN-ESCWA speakers at Rotary business meetings, District Conferences…

    -Prepare a vocational list of Rotarians as UN-ESCWA’s resources.


    What are the Eight UN Millennium Development Goals ?

    1. Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
    2. Achieve universal primary education
    3. Promote gender equality and empower women
    4. Reduce child mortality
    5. Improve maternal health
    6. Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases
    7. Ensure environmental sustainability
    8. Develop a global partnership for development


    What are the UN-ESCWA 8 Unis?

    1.       The Technical Committee was established pursuant to the decision of the Commission at its twenty-fourth session in 2006.

    2.       The Statistical Committee, established by UN-ESCWA resolution 179 (XVI) of September 1992;

    3.       The Committee on Social Development, established by UN-ESCWA resolution 198 (XVII) of 31 May 1994;

    4.       The Committee on Energy, established by UN-ESCWA resolution 204 (XVIII) of 25 May 1995;

    5.       The Committee on Water Resources, established by UN-ESCWA resolution 205 (XVIII) of 25 May 1995;

    6.       The Committee on Transport, established by UN-ESCWA resolution 213 (XIX) of 7 May 1997;

    7.       The Committee on Liberalization of Foreign Trade and Economic Globalization, established by UN-ESCWA resolution 214 (XIX) of 7 May 1997.

    8.       The Committee on Women, established by UN-ESCWA resolution 240 (XXII) of 1 October 2003.


    What are The Rotary Foundation Six Areas of Focus?

    1.       Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution

    2.       Disease Prevention and Treatment

    3.       Water and Sanitation

    4.       Maternal and Child Health

    5.       Basic Education and Literacy

    6.       Economic and Community Development


    How to merge the six areas of focus for TRF of RI and the 8 UN MDGs with the goals of the UN-ESCWA implemented by 7 Unis, focusing on studies and statistics?

          This is what we shall discuss in future meetings.

    Dr Michel Jazzar gave a report on the history between Rotary and UN-ESCWA based on:

    1st part: Introduction and appointment

    Appointment notification by Rotary International

    UNESCWA E.S of appointment year 2010 and 2011.

    Goals for 2011-2012 RI Rep to UN and Other Organizations.

    UN Global compact and RI collaboration statement.

    UN 8MDGs and RI Areas of Focus

    Rotary International UN Day, November 5th, 2011 + Program and RI Rep Blogs.

    2nd part: Draft MoU

    Draft: UNESCWA and 24 Rotary Clubs of Lebanon Partnership

    Draft: Memorandum of Understanding between UN-ESCWA and 24 RCs of Lebanon.

    3rd part: Brochures

    Brochure: “Rotary and United Nations” @UNESCWA on 26 November 2004

    Brochure: Rotary Basics –Arabic

    Brochure: Rotary International and its worldwide campaign against Polio virus.

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