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  • "Myth or Reality: Rotary role in building peace"

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    Rotary Club of Hammana Upper-Metn

    Lebanon RI District 2450

    On the occasion of the 107th Rotary anniversary and the Rotary month for World Understanding, and Peace.

    We have the pleasure to invite you to the lecture that will be given by

    Dr. Michel P. Jazzar

    Rotary International representative to United Nations - ESCWA

    Under the title of

    "Myth or Reality? The role of Rotary in building Peace"

    Date: Saturday 25th of February 2012 at 4.30PM

    Location: Hammana, Valley View Hotel, Kasr El-Wadi Hall

    For Reservation  Please Call :

    P: Antoinette Achkar   03 411 898

    HS: Antoine Barmaky 03 089 600 


    1- My Presentation - light download- titled "Myth or Reality? The Role of Rotary in building peace" given at RC Hammana Upper-Metn for almost 50 attendees coming from Hammana and many towns and villages around is posted on: http://www.authorstream.com/Presentation/jazzar-1325623-rotary-role-in-buiding-peace/

    2- Pictures are posted on http://good-times.webshots.com/album/582458509MrnjYR

    NB: all my ppts are posted on  http://www.authorstream.com/jazzar