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  • Ideas for future collaboration between Rotary Clubs of Lebanon and UN-ESCWA

    This is to thank you for your warm hospitality yesterday at the meeting of the Rotary Clubs in Kaslik and the dinner that followed.   

    1) The space you presented to describe key ESCWA findings and priority areas for development in the Arab Countries was in keeping with the true mandate and tradition of partnership within the UN Global Compact.  The discussion that followed the presentation indicated the level of interest in your members (and I presume Civil Society in general) to find ways of interacting with ESCWA and UN entities in general--if only as a continuation and "scaling up" of the good work you are already doing on the ground; 

    2) The strong presence of municipal and local entities at the meeting and their views confirmed the hypothesis that Rotary and other Civil Society members can play an important convening role for civic action at the local level.  In this sense, I am particularly thankful for offering us a forum to advance ideas on decentralization and potential Private-Public Partnerships that, while progressive, offer the potential for increased equity in the Arab Countries; 

    3) You have submitted some specific ideas for future collaboration and I commit to following up with you on this, possibly through the framework that you and I discussed yesterday: the National/Local Compact foreseen to translate the Global one at the national level.   

    4) In closing, may I kindly ask you to transmit my deep appreciation to Rotary-Kesrouan's President Fouad Boueri and Jounieh Municipality Mayor Antoine Frem for their patronage and attendance at the event.  


    Nadim Khouri, PhD 
    Deputy Executive Secretary 
    United Nations Economic and Social Commission 
    For Western Asia UN-ESCWA 
    Riad El Solh, Beirut, Lebanon 

  • Initiative for a UNESCWA and Rotary Clubs of Lebanon partnership

    [This Draft  was presented to Deputy ES UNESCWA for evaluation]

    Initiative for a UNESCWA and Rotary Clubs of Lebanon partnership

    The aim is to respond to the 8th UN-MDG and the Lebanon Rotary Clubs’ will to better serve their communities by implementing the 6 Areas of Focus of The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International.

    The elements of this initiative are as follows:

    a) Determining the community’s priorities in correlation with the UN-MDGs and TRF 6AOF, based on the UNESCWA studies and its annual report.

    b) An initiative to create a “Rotary Lebanon Fund” for these priorities which would be funded by the Rotary Clubs of Lebanon and partners’ donations. This fund would be dedicated to support the achievement of the community’s priorities in Lebanon. An operational system as well as the means to benefit from the fund would also be established.

    c) The Rotary Clubs of Lebanon will develop a system of appropriate standards and mechanisms to fund the programs and projects falling under this initiative in each concerned Lebanese region together with mechanisms for monitoring and surveillance. In addition, identifying the technical support required to develop policies and strategies to achieve the community’s priorities under 8 UN-MDGs* and 6 TRF-AOF* and providing this support through technical capacities available in Lebanon within the framework of UNESCWA and Rotary Clubs of Lebanon cooperation.


    d) The establishment of a joint working group between UNESCWA and Lebanon Rotary Clubs concerned in order to develop a proper national cooperation strategy. The cooperation would include the assessment of the conditions of UNESCWA, The Rotary Foundation and Rotary International Code of Policies, determine Lebanon Rotary Clubs of Lebanon possibilities in conformity with their Bylaws and develop a work program as well as operational plans to achieve the goals.

    Finally, regardless of the national dimension, this initiative is seen as crucial step towards UN mission, UNESCWA and Rotary Clubs of Lebanon cooperation inspired by “Service above Self”, the Motto of Rotary International, through critical partnership for human development.

    Dr Michel P. Jazzar

    Rotary International Representative to UN-ESCWA


  • UNESCWA- Deputy E.S lecture at RC Kesrouan-Lebanon/ March 29th 2012

    "Can We Reach Equitable Growth in the Arab World?--Civil society as a key partner"

    by Nadim Khouri, PhD - Deputy Executive Secretary - 

    United Nations Economic and Social Commission For Western Asia UN-ESCWA 

    "Fighting poverty, promoting economic and equitable growth, protecting health and the environment--as many public goals that are above politics, but also beyond the capacity of governments by themselves.  Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) have traditionally played a key role in achieving progress in development at the global, national and local levels. "

    for more, please download below lecture's material in English and/or in Arabic langauges:

    English language:

    ppt -English: Rotary Club-29March2012 final.pptx

    CV-En -->CV summary.docx

    Abstract-En--> Abstract_en.docx

    Arabic language:

    ppt -Arabic--> Rotary Club-29March2012 final (ar).pptx

    CV-Ar --> CV summary Arabic.docx

    Abstract Ar--> Abstract A.docx

    Draft of RCs Lebanon intiative --> NEW

    presented by Michel P. Jazzar -->Initiative for a UNESCWA and Rotary Clubs of Lebanon partnership.pdf

    or click on : http://riescwa.hautetfort.com/archive/2012/03/30/initiative-for-a-unescwa-and-rotary-clubs-of-lebanon-partner.html

  • Cultivating Peace: A Vision Shared by Rotary and UNESCO

    Here is the report of the Conference at UNESCO which took place last Saturday 17 March 2012 - Paris.-->compte rendu conference mars 2012-2 _en.pdf
    We are very pleased on the outcomes of the conference : 
    1 : Enthusiastic Rotarians almost 300 participants
    2 : Top level presentation by the speakers
    3 : UNESCO / Rotary relationship reinforced
    The address of Mrs. Andrezza ZEITUNE, former Rotary Peace Scholar, was one of the highlight of the conference.
    In his closing remarks,  UNESCO Director SEITI said about her : Thank you to Rotary because you have given her a great training and now is is UNESCO who benefit from it.
    Some of the presentation will be soon available on the conference web site (www.riunescoday.org) or on RI- UNESCO Reps facebook page  http://www.facebook.com/RIUNESCOREP  or on RI UNESCWA Rep https://www.facebook.com/groups/riescwa/ .
    You can see some photos of the conference at the following web page  : https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/sredir?uname=107660381847747787783&target=ALBUM&id=5722676979327487601&authkey=Gv1sRgCI-Eote2vKjgFA&invite=CLrbpr4C&feat=email
    Report as reveived from PRID Serge Gouteyron and PP Cyril Noirtin, RI Reps to UNESCO.

  • UNESCWA Deputy Executive Secretary Dr Nadim Khouri @ RC Kesrouan

    UNESCWA, ESCWA, Rotary, Kesrouan, Civil society

    We are pleased to announce the lecture that will be given by Dr Nadim KHOURI, UNESCWA Deputy Executive Secretary.

    Rotary Club of Kesrouan

    Lebanon – RI D.2450

      is honored to invite you to attend the conference

    "Can we reach equitable growth in the Arab World?--Civil society as a key partner"

    by Nadim Khouri, PhD 
    Deputy Executive Secretary 
    United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (UN-ESCWA)


    Date/Time: Thursday 29 March 2012 at 7.00PM.

    Venue: ATCL – Kaslik – Restaurant “L’Amiral”


    The conference will be followed by a dinner with spouses. Please confirm your presence by phone call [Pr. Fouad Boueri or H.S Camille Haddad ]. 

    NB: The conference will be given in Arabic.