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“Youth is our Future” : District 2452 Theme 2018-2019

All clubs in District 2452 are invited to include the following highlights into their 2018-2019 program. [Starting 1st July 2018]

“Youth is our Future”
District 2452 Theme 2018-2019

By PP Ralph Sayah, District 2452 theme committee chair, RC Beirut Hills.

All clubs in District 2452 are invited to include the following highlights into their program.


1-DG key notes

  • Youth is our “agent of change”
  • Youth is not only a matter of age, but of spirit as well
  • Rather than letting young people work in isolation, inter-generational joint projects are evidence of mutual trust
  • To serve society together and give young people the opportunity to shape the future in different aspects: education, health, peace, environment …
  • Young people and Rotarians to tackle together the common problems
  • Reduce the gap between generations


2-Program’s highlights:


  • Have the Rotaract president as an observer at Rotary Club.
  • A delegate member from Rotary Club has to participate in all Rotaract meetings to support.
  • Have an orientation session between Rotary and Rotaract
  • Have at least one common project per year
  • Recruit new members from Rotaract
  • 9,522 Rotaract clubs, 291,006 Rotaractors, 177 countries with Rotaract clubs


  • Build awareness and sponsor more Interact clubs
  • Have a dedicated budget to support Interact
  • Invite Interact President to participate in Rotary meetings
  • Encourage Interact/Rotaract joint projects and meetings
  • 20,372 Interact clubs, 468,556 Interactors, 159 countries with Interact clubs


  • Help organize a RYLA
  • Improve the credibility of RYLA [academic patronage, selection criteria]
  • Sponsor more participants
  • Promote RYLA to non Rotaract / Interact


  • EarlyAct ™ is a school-wide service club for elementary students from ages 5 to 13 sponsored by the local Rotary clubs where the school is located.
  • The mission and operation of EarlyAct™ are closely linked to the ideals of Rotary and provide the foundation and natural succession into Interact.
  • The purpose of EarlyAct™ is to provide young students with the opportunities to participate in active citizenship in a culturally diverse democratic society within an interdependent world.

      And more…

  • Youth and RCs budgets (RYLA, RAC, UN day)
  • Youth Role DAOF_District Area Of Focus: “Civic Education and Peacebuilding”
  • Satellite Clubs.
  • District Youth Exchange_DYE
  • Rotary-Rotaract day – New Format
  • Rotary / Rotaract teambuilding activity
  • Rotary UN day (November 2018)
  • Model UN
  • First Youth pre-district 2452 conference?
  • Rotaract 50th anniversary (2018)
  • Bridging the generation gap through mentorship
  • RLI-RAC Academy.

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