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  • LEBANON: National Immunization Days have been started on 5 December and run till 15 December 2013

    kids-NIDs Lebanon 061213_DSCN0816.JPG

    LEBANON: National Immunization Days have been started on 5 December and run till 15 December 2013

    SAIDA: Thursday 5 December 2013

    MEZIARA: Friday 6 December 2013



    NID at Meziara, a amazing village at North Lebanon: 6 December 2013

    The Immunization for Polio virus started at Meziara on 6 December at 9.30AM and ended at 1.30PM.

    Below you will read testimonial, report, pictures, Polio Newsletter .


    Report: HF-LEBANON POLIO VACCINATION NIDs 2013-Meziara report.pdf

    Pictures are posted in the Album, at the right Column: http://riescwa.hautetfort.com/album/national-immunization-days-nids-lebanon-2nd-round/page1/

    Polio Newsletter #23, December 2013, prepared and compiled by our friend PDG Christian MICHAUD ["l'Infatiguable"]: HL-polionewsletter n°23 novembre 2013.pdf [FRENCH] 


    [French] Meziara-fr.pdf



    RC Zgharta-Zawie President Hala Zaccour email:

    "Dear Dr Jazzar
    On behalf of RC Zgharta Zawie i would like to thank you.
    Dr debs, Mr Haris and IP Joud told us about the nice experience they had at Miziara while helping in the Polio campain.
    Thank you also for the report and the pics. Wish to see u soon between us. Best Rotarian regards"
  • National Immunization Days-NIDs - Lebanon - 6/11 December 2013


     RI Representative to United Nations-UN at UN-ESCWA located at Beirut, Lebanon, the country of almost 4 million of inhabitants in which 1.5 million of non-Lebanese of Syrians, Palestinians, Iraqis… of refugees are now sharing the same 10452 km²,

    As RI Rep to UN, I had to respond to the statement and the decision of the RI Board read in Minutes of the May 2012 RI Board of Directors Meeting, page 14, column b:

    Statement: At its May 2012 meeting, the International PolioPlus Committee requested that the Board seeks additional international support from United Nations representatives in the campaign to eradicate polio.

    DECISION: The Board, acting on behalf of the Trustee chairman, requests the RI representatives to the United Nations to inform the country representatives to the UN that The Rotary Foundation will be contacting them to seek their support in the campaign to finally eradicate polio.

    Being appointed on 4th of November 2013 by the D.2452 Governor 2013-14 as member of the AdHoc Polio Committee for Lebanon.


    I took part to the NIDs - Polio vaccination in Lebanon -The best Rotary moments.

    photos included in the album - at Right Column --> http://riescwa.hautetfort.com/album/national-immunization-days-nids-lebanon-2nd-round/