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  • MoU signed between Rotary Clubs of Lebanon and ESCWA



    ESCWA / Rotary Clubs of Lebanon Meeting on Arab Millennium Development Goals Report 

    Venue: ESCWA, UN House, Beirut

    Date and time: 28 January 2013, 2.00PM


    -Rotary Clubs: Ms. Samar Saab, Mr. Jamil Mouawad, Mr. George Beyrouty, Mr. George Azar,

    -Rotary International Representative to UN-ESCWA: Mr. Michel Jazzar

    -ESCWA: Mr. Nadim Khouri [Executive Secretary], Mr. David Iyamah, Mr. Mohamed Mersal, Mr. Nabil Abu Dargham, Mr. Javier Sola Asensio, Mr. Martti Antola, Mr. Felix Herzog, Ms. Maryam Sleiman, Ms. Ivana Brnovic


    Key Agreements:

    - The MoU between ESCWA and Rotary Clubs of Lebanon was signed.

    - The concept paper is an annex to the MoU signed between ESCWA and Rotary Clubs of Lebanon;

    - ESCWA and Rotary Clubs of Lebanon nominated focal points for moving ahead with the partnership. The focal points shall be Adib Nehmeh for ESCWA and George Beyrouti for the Rotary Clubs of Lebanon.

    - It was agreed that both partners would need to approve the materials (including the layout/visual images) to be produced before production starts. It was also agreed that written approval from the Ministry of Education should be secured for the dissemination of materials and organization of trainings for teachers before production starts.

    - ESCWA will provide the venue for the launch event, whereas the Rotary Clubs of Lebanon will make arrangements for the catering to be provided at the launch directly with the catering company. ESCWA Conference Services will advise as to the practical arrangements.

    Action Points

    ·        ESCWA to contact the Ministry of Education in order to secure the Ministry’s approval of:

    1.        The manuscript* of the MDG Report to be printed;

    2.        The organization of training for teachers on the use of the materials being produced;

    3.        The distribution of all produced materials to all relevant schools in Lebanon;

    4.        The Minister’s participation at the launch event. 

    ·        ESCWA and Rotary Clubs of Lebanon to develop an action plan for disseminating the materials produced and for the provision of training related to the use of the materials. It was suggested that focal points from both organizations meet regularly to prepare the plan and coordinate its execution. The plan should include:

    1.        How the materials are distributed to schools in Lebanon;

    2.        How the training will be organized (number of training sessions, size, type, timing);

    3.        Division of labour between ESCWA and Rotary Clubs of Lebanon in the dissemination of the materials and provision of training events (especially the potential role of Rotaract Clubs of Lebanon members in training). 

    ·        ESCWA and Rotary Clubs of Lebanon to prepare the launch event on the basis of the draft programme for the event presented at the meeting and the preliminary date of 18 April, 2013.


    *Manuscript: MDG Report 2011, logos ESCWA, Rotary Clubs of Lebanon on the cover and on the1st page, introduction by ESCWA followed by the Rotary’s page.


    Annex A Concept Note Draft-mpj.pdf

    MOU signed January 2013.pdf


    FB: https://www.facebook.com/groups/riescwa/ 


  • UN Resident Representative Coordinator lecture in the media


    Rober watkins on Al Markazia.jpg

    HE Robert Watkins, Lecture Abstract:

    “In his remarks to the Rotary Club of Kesrouan, Mr. Robert Watkins emphasized the historic relationship that has existed between Lebanon and the UN since the founding of the organization in 1945. Today, Lebanon hosts 24 UN entities on its soil, including the world’s third largest peacekeeping operation, UNIFIL.   With this wide presence, the UN has engaged with the government and people of Lebanon in a wide range of areas, from development, to human rights, security, electoral support and emergency response. He also mentioned how the crisis in Syria is having a profound impact in Lebanon, with the arrival of some 250,000 refugees and a significant economic downturn, not to mention, political implications.”

    The lecture in French--> Lecture_Rotary club_French.pdf

    CV: CV of RW.doc

    Link on Al-Markazia, Beirut Press Agency --> http://www.almarkazia.net/Politics.aspx?ArticleID=75475

    Certificate of Appreciation to HE Watkins: 


    Michel P. Jazzar RI Representative to UN-ESCWA, Introduction on "Rotary, Peace and United Nations".

    French version: Rotary and peace and UN-Fr-prepared by michel jazzar.doc

    English version: Rotary and peace and UN-En_prepared by michel jazzar.doc

  • HE Robert Watkins, UN Resident Coordinator for Lebanon at the Rotary Club of Kesrouan

    Lebanon, UN, Watkins, Jazzar, Kesrouan, Rotary

    HE Robert Watkins, UN Resident Coordinator for Lebanon at the Rotary Club of Kesrouan, Lebanon - 7th February 2013. "With the assistance of Michel Jazzar, RI Representative to UN-ESCWA, The Rotary Club of Kesrouan will Robert Watkins, UN Resident Coordinator for Lebanon and the UN Development Programme Resident Representative.

    He will discuss the UN’s activities in Lebanon."

    Date, time and location: Thursday 7 February 2013, 7.00PM - at ATCL - Kalisk - Jounieh - Lebanon.